Rocco di Carpeneto

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Many dream of leaving it all to become winemakers.  For Lidia Carbonetti and Paolo Baretta the dream became a really when the magical hills of the Alto Monferrato cast their spell and drew them in.  Lidia went back to university to earn a Master’s degree in winemaking and the two left the business world of Milan to settle on a charming nineteenth-century estate where old vines were calling for attention.  There began the adventure of revitalizing the vineyard and making smooth and sensuous wines, all while launching an attractive agriturismo for guests wanting a taste of life amidst la bella vite (the beautiful vine) of Piedmont.

Lidia and Paolo believe deeply in privileging the indigenous grape varietals emerging from the rich terroir of the Ovada region.  Their organically farmed parcels abound with Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Albarossa, and Cortese, some of which date back to the 1950s, all thriving in an abundant diversity of flowers and grasses that enliven the earth into which their roots stretch deeply.  Under Lidia’s watchful, analytic eye, the grapes are handpicked at just the right maturity and transported in small cases to the cantina. In the purpose built, energy efficient (no temperature control) winery - designed by Lidia as the final project for her Master’s program - the grapes undergo spontaneous fermentation.  Intervention is minimal and each manipulation is carefully thought out in advance.  The wines are fermented and aged in the vessel best suited to bring out their characteristics, including concrete, stainless steel, terra cotta amphorae, and old barriques and tonneaux. 

From this “radical winery” come precise, approachable, simply delicious wines that showcase land, fruit, and the passion of their makers.  Lidia and Paolo favour freshness, acidity, and vitality in their wines, and we invite you to fall for these beautiful expressions of Piedmont as well!  And for the full immersion, stay in one of their aesthetic and comfortable rooms overlooking the vines next time you’re in Italy.  It’s the kind of place you never want to leave…

New arrivals Autumn 2022!

Andeira, 2021

Fragrant pink Barbera bubbles!  Non-disgorged, this is lively fizz from 20-50 year old vines, aged six months in neutral barrels after which refermentation happens in the bottle.  Bright red fruit and high drinkability!  

Bett, 2020

Sparkling Fresia, Barbera, Dolcetto.

Ròo, 2021

“The halo of the moon,” in the ancient local dialect.  Single-parcel Cortese from forty to fifty year old vines, aged in acacia barrels.  This nectar seduces with its tropical nose, luscious texture, and long finish. 

Drï, 2021

Single-parcel Cortese from forty year old vines, aged in acacia barrels.

Losna, 2019

Dolcetto with 15 months of aging in older barrels, making it robustly structured but also dashingly seductive.  Like the flash of lightning it’s named for, let it dazzle you with its enthralling spices, dark fruit, supple mouth feel, and lingering presence.

Admura, 2019


Rataraura, 2020

Barbera always appeals to lovers of wines with high acidity and this is a bracing example...  After 20 months in terra cotta amphorae, it’s clean and fresh and eager to set free its wild side!  A wine that is made to accompany rich foods, letting its zingy wild berries, notes of cherry sour candy, and shimmering energy charm your palate.  Rataraura means bat in the local dialect.  Nothing spooky here, just carefree fluttering for beautiful nocturnal pleasures.

Grappa Riserva, 2018

Produced by Distilleria Gualco, specialized in traditional Piedmontese distillation methods.  Made with pomace from Dolcetto, Barbera, Cortese, Nebbiolo, and Albarossa, barrel aged for a smooth and refined mouthfeel.