la vrille et le papillon

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Introduced at a young age to the art and science of the vineyard by both of his grandfathers, Méryl Croizier always felt a strong attraction and a deep affection for the beautiful land of the Ardèche.  And it was when he partook in his first harvests that he knew he was destined to become a winemaker himself.  After studies in winemaking, he and his partner Géraldine have been lovingly tending 5 hectares of land in Valvignères, the valley of vines, since 2012.

The name la Vrille et le Papillon refers to the grapevine’s tendrils (vrille) that poetically wind their way skyward, and to the butterflies (papillons) that grace the landscape, a sign of the earth’s health and vitality.  It was on a romantic walk through the parcels they would acquire that the name came to them.  From the beginning, Méryl and Géraldine knew they wanted to work organically, nurturing their vineyards to obtain the best possible fruit.  They made their first wines at the cellar of neighbours Hélène and Christophe of the Domaine des Vigneaux and have since built their own installations next to their family home.  Committed to the philosophy of natural wine at every step of the process, their precisely crafted wines are elegant and alive: spontaneous fermentation, no filtering and fining, and no added sulphites. 

A visit to the domaine is a moment of pure pleasure - beautiful surroundings, a warm and generous welcome, engaging conversation, a passion for craftsmanship, an optimistic outlook on life.  These qualities inevitably shape the wines, and we are delighted to be able to bring a small quantity to British Columbia!  


On Instagram: @la_vrille_et_le_papillon

Tous cousins - 2020

Juice bomb!  Carbonic maceration gives this Syrah a lighter profile (12%) that pops with bright red fruit.  A clean, glou-glou wine, perfect for summer get togethers! 

Celle d'en face - 2016

Merlot with some Syrah and Grenache.  Aged to perfection, it captures the attention with its deep purple hues, its silky texture, its notes of ripe cherries and dark chocolate. Elegant and refined. 

Z Rouge - 2019

Carbonic maceration of Syrah (aged in demi-muid) and de-stemmed Merlot.  A supple structure presenting a perfect balance of attractive spiciness and lively tannins.  Limited availability.