Autour de l'Anne

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After being a roadie in the UK for 90s bands like The Verve, Blur, and Radiohead, Anne Paillet settled into coporate life in the Parisian financial district of la Défense.  But a brooding need for something more from life, and a bad car accident, set her on an entirely new course. 

Looking to follow a new dream, she was set to take over a friend’s Languedoc vineyard.  But the friend’s plan changed and Paillet’s own life took another twist when she met the love of her life, Loire Valley vigneron Gregory Leclerc.  Determined to make her own distinct wines, she devised a cunning plan: she would work with Languedoc grapes in the couple’s Loire cellar!  The grapes ripen in the hot Languedoc sun on vines belonging to grower Ludovic Gervais in Corconne (Pic-Saint-Loup).  At harvest time, Paillet handles the fermentation on site, then brings the new wines home to the Touraine region for aging.  The results are extraordinary - the full, succulent fruit of the southern Languedoc aged in the cool and humid climate of the Loire produces complex and delectable wines that Anne affectionally refers to as “Loiredoc.”  

When we asked her whether she intended from the start to produce her wines naturally, she replied simply that it would have been impossible for her to do it any other way.  The grapes are grown organically, hand harvested, and fermented with natural yeast and the least intervention possible.  To try them is to savour the uniqueness both of their blended terroir and of the personality of the free-spirited and intrepid vigneronne who makes them.

Wonder Womanne - 2021

Willful demigoddess, undauntedly determined to save the world, graced with a powerful elegance… we’re not just talking about the superheroine here!  Anne Paillet’s pet-nat made from the same grapes as the C.S.G. (Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache) will blow you away with its coral pink colour, it’s lively fizz, and its aromatic freshness. Perfect mastery of pet-nat with a lovely effervescence, dried roses, peaches. Dry with a very gentle acidity and honeyed tones. 

CSG - 2021

Cinsault. Syrah. Grenache.  The three are fermented separately (part whole cluster, part destemmed) and combine to create a smooth, structured, but supple red that just calls out for a slow cooked and hearty stew.  

Pot d’Anne - 2021

Vitamin C - for Cinsault.  Honestly, do we have enough Cinsault in our lives?!  Probably not, so turn to Anne’s refined expression of this unique variety for your regular fix.  Gorgeous light red colour and pleasantly herbaceous aromas give way to flavours that evoke delicate wild raspberries, rounded out by soft and seductive tannins.  

Les États d'Anne - 2021

In French, état d’âme refers to troubled feelings, echoing Anne’s state of mind as she began her winemaking adventure. Here, she bares her soul in this half and half blend of Cinsault and Grenache, two varieties that thrive in the Languedoc heat.  But you’ll feel no remorse as you tuck into a glass of this light, fruit-froward nectar. Ideal as an apéritif, with charcuterie and lighter fare, or even with soulful introspection.