Why should I drink natural wine?


There are many reasons more and more people are turning to natural wines.

The most important, we think, is simply that they taste great and are fun to drink!  Natural wines tend to be fresh, lively, dynamic and very different from the standard fare produced by large, industrial manufacturers.  If you’re tired of heavy, sweet and generic wines that always taste the same, then you’ll find natural wines to be an exciting change. 

Many conventional wines are flavoured with oak chips or fermented with synthetic yeasts that mimic aromas like strawberries or bananas.  Because natural wines ferment with the yeasts naturally occurring on the grapes, and contain no additives, they are the purest expression of their terroir.  Taste them, and you may never go back to the other stuff!

Most conventional wineries also use a wide assortment of preservatives and fining agents, as well as large quantities of sulphites that set the wine, preventing it from continuing to evolve in the bottle.  This is the reason most conventional wines tend to taste the same each time you open them, and often give you a splitting headache if you have more than a glass or two. 

With no chemicals or additives, natural wines offer a unique tasting experience and leave you feeling great the next morning!

Finally, in order to be profitable, large-scale wineries use large amounts of chemical fertilizers, as well as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides (and other things that rhyme with homicide!).  Their toll on the land is enormous and unsustainable.  Natural winemakers are certified organic or biodynamic, and their respect for the environment shines through in the wine you drink. 

So uncork a bottle and enjoy its goodness - for you and the earth! 

great taste!

nothing artificial!

no headaches!