Who do we represent?


At Vino Vancouver, we represent only small-scale, independent wine makers, with whom we collaborate directly.  

Working with a small number of exceptional artisans, we strive to bring the best of what they have to offer.  

Our portfolio features some of France’s most beloved winemaking regions:


Andrea Calek

Known as the “punk star” of natural wine, Bohemian Andrea Calek’s exceptional wines are as mysterious and rebellious as the man who makes them.

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Domaine des Vigneaux

Hélène and Christophe have been strolling together through the vines since they were teenage sweethearts.  Now their wines will make you fall in love.

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in your glass... naturally


Les Vins Contés

Olivier Lemasson’s youthful and adventurous touch brings all the subtlety and freshness of the Loire Valley directly to your glass.

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Domaine Ginglinger et fils

Winemaking has been in Jean-François Ginglinger’s lineage for four centuries.  Don’t miss his fresh take on Alsatian classics!

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Autour de l’Anne

Grown and fermented in the hot and dry Languedoc, then aged in the fresh and humid Loire Valley, Anne Paillet’s unique “Loiredoc” wines are the full embodiment of her adventurous personality. 

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