What is natural wine?


organic grapes

artisanal methods


no additives

The existential question!  

Natural wines are what wine should be: fermented grape juice, nothing added, nothing taken away.  

Natural wines are produced using organically-grown grapes and artisanal methods.  They are crafted in full respect of the environment, and of those who drink them.  They also have a unique taste that is fresh, lively and fun.

Natural wine does not exist in any official sense – no labels, no logos, no constraints.  Instead, it’s useful to think of natural wine as a philosophy.  

Natural wine makers reject the large-scale, agro-business model from which comes most of the wine on offer today.  They reject conventional techniques and technologies used to produce large quantities of ordinary and standardized wine as quickly and cheaply as possible.  

Their objective is not to turn a profit, but to try to make a living offering the very best of what the terroir – the land, the climate, the vines and their skill – has to offer.

Small-scale producers grow their fruit organically or biodynamically.  They harvest by hand, in small batches.  They use no synthetic yeasts, no added sugars, no preservatives, no fining agents, no filtration, and no – or in rare cases, very little – sulphites.  

This is what’s natural about natural wines.  The grapes are picked, fermented under the watchful eye of the vintner, and left to express the full complexity of the unadulterated fruit.  

Nothing added, nothing taken away.

in your glass... naturally