Domaine Jean Ginglinger et fils


Wine making in France is often passed on from one generation to the next.  In the Ginglinger family, they’ve been at it for a while… more than 400 years in fact!  Located in the heart of the Alsace region, in the town of Pfaffenheim, this particular branch of the family tree, Domaine Jean Ginglinger, emerged in the 1960s and features all seven of the classic Alsatian varietals. 

Taking over the family operation in the late 1990s, Jean-François decided that the way forward was to reach into familial roots. He gradually converted the Domaine to organic, then biodynamic agriculture, and has been fermenting, ageing, and bottling his wines naturally since 2003.  Rejecting local appellation standards, Jean-François produces an amazing assortment of white, orange, and red wines that embody both the historic terroir and his easy-going and friendly personality.  For him, biodynamic agriculture and natural vinification are matters of deep conviction, and his marvellously floral and aromatic wines are a testament to his hard work and dedication.  At the same time, Changala, his alter ego who shows up on each of the labels designed by local artist JOAN, reminds us that making good wine doesn’t mean taking yourself too seriously!  Jean-François says his work in the vine is based on feeling and intuition, and that he tries to make wines that inspire emotion in those who drink them.  We hope you’ll be as moved as we are by the flavour, integrity, and fun of these delightful cuvées.   


The Story

The Vintages

Changala fait sa bulle - sparkling white, 2016

Ginglinger uses ancestral method fermentation to produce this cheerful blend of Pinot Blanc and Pinot Auxerrois.  With a hardy bubble and fresh flavours of cut grass and green fern, this is a sophisticated yet accessible sparkling wine that will go with any occasion!

Pinot Blanc - 2016

Though less readily associated with Alsatian wines than other varietals, this Pinot Blanc showcases both the specificity of the terroir and the skill of the winemaker.  Light bodied and energetic with a nice citrus touch though staying on the dry side, this is the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday brunch of spinach quiche or even a heartier cheese and onion tartiflette. 

Muscat - 2016

Gorgeous flowery aromas and a perfect balance make this Muscat a guaranteed crowd pleaser.  Not to be confused with the sweet muscats from other wine regions, this refreshingly dry iteration is ideal as an apéritif.  But don’t stop there!  Let its glimmering hues flow seamlessly into the rest of your evening and try it with seafood tartare, white asparagus in hollandaise sauce, or a crisp papaya mango salad. 

Riesling Lerchenberg - 2015

The cuvée that made us fall in love with Ginglinger’s wines!  This Riesling’s sophistication stems from its origins on the south-facing  Lerchenberg -  the hill of the larks - which has been yielding incomparable grapes for centuries.  Richly textured and slightly oxydised, yet lively with an intense minerality, this will be your pièce de resistance with a wide array of fish or poultry dishes or, on the winemaker’s suggestion, a classic Alsatian choucroute.